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Baby in gestreiftem Body kuschelt mit Puppe Lulla doll Sky

Taylor B.

Verified purchase 16.4.2019

My sweet little one is not the best sleeper, however since we got our Lulla Doll- he’s sleeping much better. He loves it so much, we just got the new one for his 3 year old brother.

Kleinkind in Kinderkrippe kuschelt mit blauhaariger Puppe Lulla doll

Manuela V.

Verified purchase 12.4.2019

I can’t honestly say that it’s helped get my son to sleep at all but I can say that he absolutely loves his doll! Overall we’re happy with our purchase!

Baby gibt seiner Puppe Lulla doll etwas zu trinken

Mirjam H.

Verified purchase 27.3.2019

Great service all over the world!

Schlafender kleiner Junge in grauem T-Shirt umarmt Puppe Lulla doll Sky

Bambi M.

Verified purchase 16.3.2019

Our grandson Hendryx loves his “Blue”❣️We got it for him when he was about 4 months old because he was (and still is) such a sleep fighter. He is only 7 months old but smiles so big when he sees Blue if they have been apart for awhile! I honestly think Blue helps him sleep for longer periods and also soothes him back to sleep if he awakens too soon!! My only complaint is the battery life, we have gone through so many batteries and I think they are lasting less than 8 hours lately! Awesome product!!

Schwarz-weiß Bilder von Kinderkrippe mit schlafendem Kind das Puppe Lulla doll umarmt

Rebecca C.

Verified purchase 2.1.2019

We bought our Lulla when our little was 3 months old. She was having a hard time self soothing when she would wake in the night despite every type of sleep sack you could dream of. Lulla arrived and she immediately began to sleep better. When our sound insert began only lasting for 4 hours and turning off, they sent us a replacement! We recommend Lulla to all of our friends! Thank you.

Schlafendes Mädchen in pinkem T-Shirt an Puppe Lulla doll Sky gekuschelt

Christina C.

Verified purchase 6.12.2018

This doll has been a God send. We received one for a baby gift and my daughter is now 2. Every night she hugs and kisses her lulla - and falls asleep hugging her. She loves the soothing noise and can now request it! This doll is a dream!

Lulla doll - Die Schlafbegleiterin

Blauhaarige Puppe Lulla doll Sky mit Hund

Xanthe M.

Verified purchase15.3.2019

My senior puppy loves her baby doll. So soothing!

Baby mit Schnuller im Mund an Puppe mit Herzschlag Lulla doll geschmiegt

Jackie B.

Verified purchase19.10.2018

Owen loves his Lulla Doll

Baby an blauhaarige Puppe mit Atmung Lulla doll Sky geschmiegt

Lauren H.

Verified purchase19.4.2018

I just wanted to say thanks a million for your product!! My little one HATED sleep and now with her Lulla doll she is sleeping all night long! can’t say thanks enough

Sehr junges schlafendes Baby mit blauen Haasenohren und blauhaariger Puppe Lulla doll Sky

Kat V.

Verified purchase16.4.2017

Our gorgeous 15 month old Loves his Lulla's. When I say it is bedtime he runs to his cot and puts a Lulla under each arm and is happy and content to sleep all night. I wish I knew about these awesome sleep dolls for my previous children. He has Easter ears on for the photo only. Thanks again

Schlafendes Baby mit atmender Puppe Lulla doll im Arm

Tessa G.

Verified purchase17.7.2017

Scarlett loves her lulla! It's the best thing we have done for her sleep!

Blondes kleines Mädchen mit Flasche und Puppe Lulla doll Sky im Arm

Niki D.

Verified purchase19.2.2018

Thank you for grea customer care. We love Lulla. Awake or asleep Lulla is never afar. Best money spent on...coming from a first time parent who tried all the gadgets possible that my bank balance would allow

Baby in gepunktetem Body mit Puppe mit eingebautem Herzschlag Lulla doll neben sich

Roisin B.

Verified purchase23.2.2017

We love our doll best purchase ever

Baby mit Puppe Lulla doll, die eine Mütze trägt

Alicia L.

Verified purchase2.1.2017

We absolutely love your product and could not be more thankful for it! Our little one went from not napping at all to having at least an hour long nap twice a day and bedtime went from being an ordeal that took hours to him falling asleep within minutes and staying asleep!

Baby in Bett mit Puppe Lulla doll Sky im Arm

Tameka M.

Verified purchase24.2.2017

I just wanted to say thank you for donating the Lulla Dolls to Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in memory of baby Alliarna. My son is 22 months old and he was lucky enough to have received one of the Lullas and he absolutely loves it. He has never been attached to any comforter that I have given him but he really loves his Lulla. So thank you again for donating. Here is a photo of my son asleep tonight in the bone marrow transplant ward snuggled up with his Lulla. Thank you